Where has that year gone!?

Three days ago, Kev and I celebrated our year anniversary of being in our home. I know it might seem a little silly to some but I wanted to make a bit of a thing of it so before Kev got home from rugby training I went to our local supermarket, picked up dinner and… Continue reading Where has that year gone!?


World Cup excitement and a new era for mental health awareness

Sadly England are out of the World Cup. But having made it to the semi-final and having played another great game last night, we can safely say that England gave it a bloody good go! I have unexpectedly become quite involved in the World Cup this year, I found myself tuning into the games, randomly… Continue reading World Cup excitement and a new era for mental health awareness

Little Thoughts

Happy 70th birthday to the NHS

The U.K’s national healthcare service has just celebrated its 70th birthday and I was so Pleased to see a huge variety of wonderful posts on social media celebrating this big birthday, so much so, that it inspired me to write my own post. Many of us take for granted the attention and care that the… Continue reading Happy 70th birthday to the NHS


An overnight stay in Bruges

About two months ago (whilst tying it in with a trip to see friends of ours who live in Luxembourg) we got to visit the beautifully quaint city of Bruges (Brugge) Something, I admit, that has been on my to-travel list for quite some time and I’m so glad that we went. To start, We… Continue reading An overnight stay in Bruges


•Book recommendation: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman•

In all honesty, the last few weeks have left me with very little time to write (much to my despair!) however, I'm back now and with a few blog posts in the works. (watch this space!) During my absence I did, at least, manage to finally finish the book Ive been trying to sit down… Continue reading •Book recommendation: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman•

Little Thoughts

• Tidy house, Tidy mind •

It’s becoming apparent that, in certain ways, I’m morphing into my mother a little more every day. Something I’m very proud to say but if you had told my teenage self this, a mere ten years ago, then I probably would have just rolled my eyes at you, laughed and muffled “Yeah right” Under my… Continue reading • Tidy house, Tidy mind •

Little Thoughts

•Lead By Intuition•

Let's talk about gut feelings... when I look back over the years I think I've always had a fairly accurate gut instinct but up until recently, I feel I've often failed to listen to it as much as I possibly could have in the past. That being said, lately (and probably more than ever before)… Continue reading •Lead By Intuition•


• For Pancake Lovers •

As it was pancake day a couple of days ago, I got inspired and thought I’d do a slightly different post than the ones I’ve done so far. Firstly, I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, I Flipping LOVE pancakes! (See what I did there 😉) Whenever I visit my favourite brunch… Continue reading • For Pancake Lovers •

Isle of Wight Life, Little Thoughts

•where my heart belongs•

I have an unspoken affinity for the sea, An endless love affair, if you will. Ever since I was a small child the sea has fascinated me. I didn’t grow up on the Isle of Wight, but we always came here to visit. I loved the excitement of getting on the ferry and I’d always… Continue reading •where my heart belongs•