• The Fluffiest Pancakes •

As it was pancake day a couple of days ago, I got inspired and thought I’d do a slightly different post than the ones I’ve done so far. Firstly, I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, I Flipping LOVE pancakes! (See what I did there 😉) Whenever I visit my favourite brunch... Continue Reading →


•where my heart belongs•

I have an unspoken affinity for the sea, An endless love affair, if you will. Ever since I was a small child the sea has fascinated me. I didn’t grow up on the Isle of Wight, but we always came here to visit. I loved the excitement of getting on the ferry and I’d always... Continue Reading →

•One Size Up•

Now I’ve never considered myself of a particularly larger build but I’m not gifted with a naturally rapid metabolism either. I’ve always had to work hard and eat really well to keep myself at, what I consider to be, a comfortable size for me and my build. And even this fluctuates from month to month... Continue Reading →

• I Meet Superheroes •

I meet superheroes but they seldom wear a cape. I meet them in my line of work, I meet them on nights out, in coffee shops, in the supermarket and in the street. I meet superheroes all the time, but they rarely realise their own powers. They are in the parents who carry on without... Continue Reading →

•Post-Showman Fever•

If you haven’t had the chance to go and see The Greatest Showman yet then I have just three words for you... YOU MUST GO! This film literally turned my 2017 around and has easily made it to top spot in being my favourite film of all time. Never did I think I’d be so... Continue Reading →

• fierce friendships•

The older I get, the more I realise the importance of cultivating strong friendships. The kinds that withstand lengthily time apart, hardships and all that life throws at us. As the years have gone by I seem to understand better, how quality conquers quantity and how I have very little time for negativity. (by that... Continue Reading →

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